National Collegiate Leadership Conference

Mission: Bring together students and leaders from diverse backgrounds to learn leadership skills, cultivate social responsibility, break down leadership barriers, and adopt leadership as a way of life.

The National Collegiate Leadership Conference (NCLC) is an annual, student-run conference that serves as the cornerstone of the leadership experience and training for hundreds of college students across the nation. The conference extends beyond the conventional definitions of leadership and is designed to help students tap into and expand their leadership potential, helping them grow both personally and professionally. Each year, over 600 participants from universities and colleges in over 20 states attend  NCLC to learn about leadership. 

Who Should Attend:
The conference is open to all current and emerging college student leaders and advisors. Participants come from very diverse backgrounds with over 50 institutions, both public and private, represented from across the nation. While some conference participants hold formal leadership positions on their campuses, others do not. If you are interested in college level, student leadership development opportunity, then NCLC is for you! 

Conferenece Features: 

  • Spans three days at the University of Arizona
  • Over 80 workshops
  • Community service projects with local organizations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Motivational speakers
  • Keynote speaker and banquet
  • Leadership Enrichment Certification