Years 2-4

Upon completion of Blue Chip Leadership: First Year Experience, you can apply to the extended version of the Blue Chip Leadership Experience and complete Years 2-4 of the program.

Blue Chip Leadership Experience - Year 2, Year 3, Year 4

Year 2 - Learn:
You will select a theme and learn advanced leadership concepts to apply within that theme. You will also learn about creating positive change and engage in activities to help you apply leadership outside the classroom.


  • Theme Class - Two credit course focusing on one of the five themes during the fall semester. In the class, you will learn about creating positive change by engaging in activities throughout the year to help you apply leadership concepts.
  • Case Study Competition - You will compete in teams of 5 to 6 students to address real life issues provided by a local community partner. Each year the prompt is a real issue a community partner is attempting to find a solution to. You will be given the opportunity to research and present methods in which the community partners can address the issue and find a real solution to the problem presented.

Year 3 - Practice:
You will be apply the leadership skills and knowledge you have developed while learning about issues related to creating positive change. 


  • Equiss Leadership Retreat - You will attend a three day retreat that is designed to teach you about positively and inclusively impacting our ever-changing world and building community.
  • Mock Interview - You will participate in a mock interview to prepare for a future jobs or graduate school.
  • Leadership Internship - You will apply the leadership skills that you have learned by participating in a 1 credit internship within Leadership Programs.

Leadership Internship Options Include:

  • Team Leader for the First Year Experience students
  • Blue Chip Ambassador
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Service Coordinator
  • Programming Team
  • Marketing Team 

Year 4 - Lead:
You will apply the skills and knowledge you learned in Blue Chip to a year long community service project. This portion of Blue Chip is designed to help you transition from college into life after th UA.


  • Meridian Project - You will participate in a year-long community service project with a community partner of your choice.
  • Etiquette Dinner - You will attend a dinner in which you learn how to dress professionally, navigate networking opportunities, and practice proper dining ettiquette.
  • Capstone - You will reflect on your Blue Chip Leadership Experience and express how you will use your leadership development beyond college through a public presentation and personal reflection paper.

Year 4 Student Making a Difference


Chapman is a peer leader for Blue Chip, overseeing team leaders and first year Blue Chip students. She helps the others learn personal skills and develop their professional acumen. In addition, she works with first-year students to aid the transition from high school to college.

Chapman also volunteers at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Guide Dogs for the Blind as a puppy raiser. She works as an administrative assistant in the College of Engineering and as a sales associate at PetSmart. 

She's all about making a difference.

"Blue Chip allowed me to learn about important leadership and professional skills and gives me the opportunity to practice them," Chapman says. "It’s not just about learning. It’s about effective application and preparing students by keeping them engaged in learning."

After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration.

"I don’t want to be the best, I just want to be the best that I can be," she says.


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